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Welcome to the Kokomo Area Board Gamers' Association!

The Kokomo Area Board Gamers’ Association invites you to join us!  We meet about once  a month to share our hobby with each other and bring the love of strategic thinking to our friends and neighbors!  

When we say "Kokomo Area," it's a rather broad "area..."  Anyone is welcome to join KABGA, and we especially invite people from Howard, Clinton, Tipton, Madison, Grant, Huntington, Wabash, Miami, Cass, Caroll,  Boone, and Tippecanoe counties!  

Please check out our "events" page-- we have the next several months' schedule posted! 

for more information on becoming a full member of the Kokomo Area Board Gamers’ Association (KABGA), and all the benefits, check out our Why KABGA? page!

Next Event:

KABGA's leadership is building our winter 2013-2014 schedule!  Watch this space for more information!

KABGA Holiday Event
Date:    TBA  
Time:   6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (or when finished)
TBA Kokomo 
Notes:  Come downtown and play some games with Kokomo's premiere tabletop gaming club!  guests and new members are always welcome.


Find Goblin Games here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Goblin-Games/240983042633849 Address is 113 East Sycamore Street in downtown Kokomo

on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Kokomo-Area-Board-Gamers-Associ ation-KABGA/174853570307 or www.KABGA.org

Tell your friends and neighbors! Everyone is welcome!

Visit our events page for more events and details, and check out our facebook page !



If you haven't found us on facebook yet, check out our page here!  Be sure to "like" our page to keep up with KABGA discussions! 


KABGA Officers:

Jeremy Burke, KABGA President: 765-432-9541 (c) 304-205-7869 (h)

Kevin Kincaid, Program Director: 765-864-0794 (h)

Aaron Blessinger, Youth President: 




What Kind of Games do we Play?

Most of KABGA's collection of 200 games are in the top 500 games at boardgamegeek.com.  This includes but is not limited to:

A Castle for All Seasons Drakon Notre Dame
Airships Dungeon Twister Onexeno
Agricola Dust Oregon
Alea Iacta Est Egiza Penny Arcade the card game
Alhambra Elixir Pirates' Cove
Alibi Galaxy Trucker Ponte del Diavolo
Aquaretto Gangster Power Grid
Arkham Horror God Dice Princes of Florence
Assyria Guatemala Café Race for the Galaxy
Atlantis Hacienda Redneck Life
Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords Hambergum Risk (inc. Godstorm, 2210, etc)
Before the Wind Havana Railways of the World card game
Betrayal at house on the Hill Hey, That's my fish Ratuki
Bill of Rights Horus Resistance
Candamir If Wishes were Fishes Rum & Pirates
Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers Imperial 2030 Saint Petersburg
Cartagena Ingenious Samurai
Castle Panic Jambo San Juan
Catan Histories:  Struggle for Rome Key Harvest Settlers of Catan Card Game
Caylus Kill Doctor Lucky Shadows over Camelot
Caylus:  Magna Carta Kahuna Sherwood Forest
Celtica Kung Fu Fighting Shogun (1982 Milton Bradley)
Chicago Express Letter of Marque Sid Meier's Civilization
Chicago Poker Lost Cities Smallworld
Cineplexity Louis XIV Starcraft the Board Game
Citadels Market of Alturien Taj Mahal
Colosseum Memoir '44 The Hanging Gardens
Conquest of Pangea Metropolys Ticket to Ride: The Card Game
Conquest of the Fallen Lands Ming Dynasty Thurn and Taxis
Cutthroat caverns Mystery of the Abbey Ticket to Ride
Darjeeling Nautilus Thebes
Detroit - Cleveland Grand Prix Nefertiti Triumvirate
Domaine Niagara Twilight Imperium



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