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Links to stuff that interests KABGA members
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BoardGameGeek  the Internet's best resource for board games information and discussion.

GenCon Indy, the Mecca of hobby gamers!  KABGA is pleased to assist with the Board Games Library at GenCon.

Who's Yer Con, a free gaming mini-convention at "the Pyramids" in Indianapolis.  KABGA is pleased to have been a Silver Sponsor of Who's Yer Con 2011, 2012, and 2013!

Comics Cubed is the best comic shop in the area!  They are a great friend to KABGA.  If you need anything related to comics, RPGs, Star Wars, or other gaming stuff, talk to Shawn at Comics Cubed!

Thanks to Assa Games, who have donated their two flagship games to our club!  Support our indie game developers!

Fantasy Flight Games  -- special thanks to Fantasy Flight Games, who has donated a several of terrific games to our club!  FFG is truly a leader in strategic board gaming! 

Rio Grande Games -- special thanks to Rio Grande Games, who has donated several fantastic games to our club!

Eagle Games / Gryphon Games -- special thanks to FRED distribution, who has donated a wonderful box of games to our club!

Midwest Gaming Club forums on BoardgameGeek where we discuss our upcoming events.

Boardgame Players' Association -- host of the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA

Facebook page for Goblin Games, an independent game store in Kokomo that opened New Year's Eve 2011!

Facebook Page for Gamer DMZ, Kokomo's source for games, Magic the Gathering, and Star Wars Miniatures!  Locally owned & operated.

Train Gamers' Association  is only updated two or three times a year, but it's a place to meet other players of train games.


Game Rules
so you can be prepared to learn new games at our upcoming events!

Twilight Imperium Rules Summary
Twilight Imperium Complete Rules

Twilight Imperium Errata & FAQ

Warrior Knights Complete Rules
Warrior Knights Errata & FAQ

Arkham Horror Complete Rules
Arkham Horror House Rules used by the Game Designer