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Why Should YOU Become a Member of KABGA?

Twice-monthly game nights (usually one Friday and one Thursday)
Quarterly Saturday full-day game events
Special events, including a summer cookout and Christmas party
Free or discounted participation in KABGA-sponsored game tournaments
FREE ADMISSION AND HOTEL AT GEN CON as part of the Gen Con Games Library team!!!
Enhanced participation in Who's Yer Con (which is already FREE!) as part of the board games library staff
FREE ADMISSION TO KOKOMO-CON as part of the board games library volunteer corps
Access to our collection of more than 200 games!
Peace of mind-- all members age 21+ undergo criminal background checks!
Coordinated trips to Origins, PentaCon, Anime Central, Gaming Hoopla, and other midwest game conventions (as interest allows)
Insurance coverage for accidents or liability during KABGA events

Membership in the Kokomo Area Board Gamers’ Association (KABGA) is only $37 a year, or $99 for a family membership.  This cost covers communication, insurance, fees for our growing website, Meetup.com dues, chartering with our parent organization (who provide our insurance and background checks on adults) and most importantly, purchasing games for play at KABGA events!  Occasionally we also treat everyone to pizza or give away free games at events!