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KABGA Photo Album 2012

We'll post photos here of our various events... click images to open a larger image in a new window


May 2012 Game Events

May featured two different KABGA events... a demo of Turnham Games' Kickstarter project Expedite and a night of Talisman.

Expedite is Turnham Games' first Kickstarter project.  The Kickstart was fully funded the afternoon of our demo night! Alec celebrates scoring big against one of Expedite's creators! KABGA President Jeremy Burke with two of Expedite's creators, Travis Koldus and Brent Douthit.



Talisman with the Dungeon and Reaper expansions. 

Sometimes, you just can't wait until someone reads the card aloud...




April 2012 Game Night

April was an "all-day-play" featuring Twilight Imperium and many other games!

Enjoying the dice-placement game Alea Iacta Est John carefully studies his options! Luke looks on with glee as Alec moves his navy in for the kill...



The game Gangsters... "you cannot both place a body in the trunk and enter the car in the same action." 

When you're placing more ships than you can hold in one hand, you're doing pretty well... Ah, more than twenty planets... life is good.



Hope's End... check.  Piles of shock troops... check.  Carrier to pick them up... check.  It's time to run, purple player!

KABGA visitors enjoy Memoir '44. Finishing up a great day with a game of Power Grid.





March 2012 Who's Yer Con

KABGA is pleased to have been a Silver Sponsor of Who's Yer Con 2012!  We look forward to an even greater role in 2013!

KABGA hosted a game of Twilight Imperium, starting Friday at noon. Twilight Imperium has frequent players from all over! "Now, look, if you go there, I'm just going to conquer you here..."



Introducing some new gamers to Settlers of Catan and the Table of Catan.

Our Twilight Imperium table. We played in the "atrium" by the pool at the hotel.  As night fell, the "streetlights" lit up, and the room really became beautiful.



Fleets converge for a fight at Mecatol Rex.

KABGA presents 7 Wonders. KABGA President Jeremy Burke ran several games of 7 Wonders.



7 Wonders plays quickly, so several games can be enjoyed in a relatively short time.

KABGA members learn a variant of Wings of War, a WWII naval/carrier wargame. Turning the carriers into the wind to launch fighters..



KABGA's new member Greg was pleased to host two great Battletech games!

Making a tricky shot is a call for celebration! Another game of Twilight Imperium, this one on Saturday.



Who's Yer Gamers arranged to have the hallway displays feature our activities!

A display of RPGs over the years. Pick-up-play in the atrium was highly enjoyable!



At nighttime, the atrium was one of the most pleasant places to play!

Luke ran a game of Zombie State for KABGA. "OK, so if I do THIS, then the zombies will move to YOUR territory..."



Clearly, red is in the strongest position, long-term... uh... right?

Jeremy completes his first full game of Zombie State. KABGA's Jim Grady hosts his game Zombie Mosh.



March 2012 Game Night

March was a great game night at our "new regular" location-- Goblin Games in downtown Kokomo.

Abacusspiele's Jerusalem, an enjoyable worker-placement game. Ikusa, a re-publication of Shogun /
 Samurai Swords.
After too many Monster energy drinks, Alec gets a little crazy...



Nick enjoys Ikusa.  Probably because he's winning.  Again.

Luke and Nathan playing Ikusa. Goblin Games makes a terrific gaming headquarters for Kokomo!  The rustic brick backdrop is great ambiance!



You can tell when a game is getting intense, because everyone stands up to plan their moves!

Placing workers in Jerusalem. John works to maximize his points on Jerusalem's last turn.